‘I feel like a traitor’: Mom of girl who was sexually assaulted says she wants justice

In the last month, the man accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in a rural community in Texas has been charged with sexual assault of a child.

His trial is set for December.

In his closing arguments Tuesday, defense attorney John Sturgis said his client is innocent of all charges against him.

“He has no prior criminal history, he’s never been arrested, he has no history of violence, no history or history of mental illness,” Sturgins said.

“The defendant is innocent.”

“He’s a good person, he cares about people and wants to be treated with dignity and respect,” Sturgeris added.

The 18-year old victim told police in April that her attacker was sitting in her car and she was asking him questions about her sexual preferences.

When he refused to answer, she said, she pulled out her cellphone and began recording the conversation.

He said he couldn’t do anything about it and that she should take it as a compliment, according to a police report.

He drove away, and she reported him to the sheriff’s department, who arrested him.

He told investigators he’d been raped twice, once when he was 17 and once when she was 17.

The girl was later found dead, but the details of her death are still unclear.

Prosecutors say he admitted to sexually assaulting the girl multiple times in 2016 and 2017.

They allege he tried to strangle her with a blanket.

In a statement, prosecutors said that the girl told police she did not want to go to police because she did it for fear of retribution from her parents and classmates.

The prosecutor also said her father believed the attacker had been abusing his daughter, who suffers from bipolar disorder, for years.

He also told police that the family had tried to kill her.

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