‘Socialism is about a better world’: Social worker reveals she is socialist

A licensed social worker who works with people who are struggling with mental illness, addiction, domestic violence and a range of other issues said she would like to see socialism implemented across the country.

Dr Rebecca Houghton is the social worker in charge of the mental health unit at St Albans Primary School in South London, and has worked in a number of social services across the capital.

Dr Houghson said that the UK was not doing enough to tackle the mental illness that was often present in the communities in which she works.

“It’s really important that we’re not giving people the impression that they are powerless when they have a mental health problem and it’s really about making sure that people are being supported, that they’re getting the right support, that the system is working, that there are resources to support them,” she said.

“I don’t think the government is really doing enough, especially when it comes to mental health, because it is so stigmatised and it needs to be made safer.”

Socialist ideals are important for a country that has had a long history of oppression and inequality, and that is where we need to start,” she added.

Dr Mimi Dutcher, who also works at the school, said that socialism was “a very good idea”, and that she had found it “totally refreshing”.”

I would be happy if it was implemented by all the different local authorities in this country,” she told News24.”

The whole idea behind it is that it’s about making it better for people and the society that’s in it, so I think it’s a good idea.

“Dr Haughey, who was born in the UK and came to the UK from Jamaica, said she was not particularly political, but was very much “very much a social worker”.”

My work has focused on people with mental health issues,” she explained.”

They are struggling to make a living, they are struggling because of mental illness and addiction, and they are often discriminated against and they have problems with access to mental healthcare and so forth.

“This work is about helping people in a way that is empowering and that they feel comfortable with.”

The social worker said that she was happy to work with people of all backgrounds.

“People with disabilities, I think there are a lot of social workers who are able to work in that range of social work, so that’s a really big plus for me,” she noted.

“And I am very much interested in seeing social workers that are very much working with people with disabilities.”

Dr Dutchers said that it was important for social workers to understand that people with a mental illness had different needs, and not all mental health problems were the same.

“Some people might have a problem with alcohol or with depression or they might be more sensitive to trauma or anxiety or anything like that,” she elaborated.

“But the problem is that many people with people’s mental health conditions are more vulnerable to people who have a history of trauma or abuse or abuse of other people, so there is a difference between someone who has a history and someone who is struggling with a history.”

Dr Moti, who works at St Margaret’s Hospital in London, said it was great to be working with a woman with mental healthcare issues.

“We are always keen to find a way to work collaboratively and find the best solution for them,” Dr Moti said.

“We have a very good working relationship and we always try to work together, because we are very committed to working in partnership and helping people.”

Dr Hannah Dutch, the manager of the social work unit at the King’s College Hospital in Manchester, said a lot was at stake for mental health in the country, and her patients were “often just as vulnerable to the effects of mental health difficulties as anyone else”.

“There are a number, if not more, of mental illnesses, but we know that most of these are treatable and treatable people will get better,” she stressed.

“That’s why we want to see a lot more people getting better.”

Dr Jaimie McLeod, the social and behavioural health program manager at St Thomas’ Hospital in the East Midlands, agreed that the mental healthcare sector needed to be better equipped to support people who had mental health challenges.

“A lot of the challenges are because we have a lack of specialist mental health care services, so we have to be aware of that,” Ms McLeod said.

The social work worker said she wanted to see the mental wellbeing of all people, including those with mental illnesses.

“Because of our society, mental health is something that is very stigmatised, so if we can make it easier for people to access the services that they need then I think that it is a good thing,” she concluded.

“If we can ensure that people can access the support that they might need, I really think that is a positive thing for everyone.”

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