How to Stop the Rise of Fake News in the Digital Age

Facebook has quietly rolled out a new social media ad program that makes it easier to spot fake news on the site.

But it’s also giving advertisers a new tool to spot that fake news, in addition to showing it to Facebook users.

The ad platform has launched the “Fake News Watch” program, a new feature designed to help advertisers better spot fake content.

The ad company has teamed up with Google to create a new ad tracking tool, which is part of the Facebook ad platform’s new “Fake Content Watch” campaign, Facebook said in a blog post.

The tool, dubbed “Fake Watch,” helps Facebook users “identify and flag suspicious content on Facebook that is likely fake or misleading.”

Facebook’s “Fake content Watch” ad campaign is an attempt to fight fake news and misinformation.

This new program aims to help Facebook users spot fake articles on the platform more quickly, and it uses a combination of technology and social media to do so.

Facebook has previously rolled out tools that help advertisers detect fake content on its platform, including an app called “Spot it.”

The company has also rolled out “Fake Info,” a tool that uses “social media detection algorithms” to help detect fake news.

This new “fake content watch” program also gives advertisers the ability to identify and flag fake content that is on Facebook.

The Facebook ad team said the new program “works like a real-time social media tracking tool.”

Facebook said the program is available on both desktop and mobile.

It will be rolled out to “about 30 million users” by the end of 2017, it added.

The “fake” content watch program will not require users to click through to a Facebook ad site or subscribe to an ad-supported service like Facebook News Feed.

Rather, the program will show ads on mobile devices, desktop computers and televisions that are “not intended for viewing by humans,” according to the company.

Facebook users can also turn off the feature by setting a Facebook Privacy Settings setting to “off.”

Facebook also says the feature will only be available to Facebook Ads users.

This new feature has also been made available on Facebook’s mobile site, Facebook News, and on the company’s mobile app.

Facebook said it is also expanding the program to other platforms, including Google and Apple, where it said “fake news” content has become a big problem.

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