Social Network Movie: ‘Capitalism vs Socialism’ Is Not So Bad, It’s Worth Watching

The film is based on a novel by Max Landis and follows the lives of two entrepreneurs, Adam and Adam Goldman.

The film opens with a scene that shows Adam Goldman reading a book and looking out at the world around him, and the audience follows him into the next scene.

At the same time, Adam walks into a bar and a waitress tells him the price of a drink.

Adam says, ‘This is too good’.

It’s a reference to the book that’s a central plot point in the film, ‘Capitalists vs. Socialism’.

At the beginning of the film Adam is having a bad day and asks the waitress if he can pay her a drink, she responds ‘No thanks’.

He continues to ask questions of her about her job, how she does it and how she got here.

After asking more questions, Adam is then asked if she likes being an entrepreneur.

He says she does, and she replies, ‘You know what I love?”

No’, Adam says.

He tells her that he’s going to take her job and start his own company.

At this point, the audience is treated to Adam’s interview with the New York Times reporter, who tells him that he is an entrepreneur, not a journalist.

‘You’re not a reporter, you’re an entrepreneur’, the reporter says.

Adam responds, ‘No, I am a journalist.’

The New York Review of Books’ editorial director, Ben Shapiro, also writes that ‘Capitalist ideology is not a neutral phenomenon, and it does not stand for anything other than the triumph of the market over society and its people’.’

Capitalism’ is based in the premise that Adam and his business partner, Adam Goldman, are doing something wrong by creating a ‘market’ which is against what he sees as the ‘good’ nature of society.

‘Capitalistic ideology’ is the ideology that the writers are trying to present.

In a statement, the producers of the movie said, ‘Adam Goldman is a character who has been through some pretty terrible things in his life, but he has managed to come out of it stronger than he ever would have been if he had gone through something worse.”

Capitalists’ is directed by Daniel Grossman and stars Adam Goldman as Adam Goldman and Amy Adams as Adam Schiff.

Written by Daniel Weiner

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