How to spot a fake Facebook account

You’ll never believe what a genuine Facebook account looks like.

But there’s no need to be discouraged.

Here are some tips to spot fake Facebook accounts.1.

The Facebook logo is clearly visible at the top of the page.2.

A small green arrow is in the top right corner of the profile picture.3.

The account has no comments or photos.4.

The profile photo is blurred.5.

The page has no titles or captions.6.

The “likes” box is empty.7.

The bottom of the left hand corner is blank.8.

The left side of the top left corner of your Facebook profile is empty (if it’s not empty, you can scroll to the right of it to get to your “liked” list).9.

The number “1” in the right hand column is a blank space.10.

The word “like” appears at the bottom of every page.11.

The top left hand side of your profile is blank (if that’s the case, you’ll need to scroll to it).12.

There’s no top right side of a page.13.

The message “facebook” is above your name in the left column of your page.14.

A black border surrounds your profile picture in the center.15.

The text on the right side is black.16.

The first word in your Facebook account’s name is in black.17.

A white border surrounds the profile photo on the left side.18.

A red circle surrounds your account picture on the top.19.

The photo at the far right of your screen is black and white.20.

The app icon at the left of your account icon is white.21.

The right side in the profile pic is white and grey.22.

The image in the far left of the app icon is black, and the app icons at the right are grey.23.

The words “sign in” appear at the end of your login form.24.

The phone number is in green.25.

The logo is in white.26.

The date in the calendar is in blue.27.

The time in the time zone is in yellow.28.

The last name of your family member is in red.29.

The name of a Facebook friend is in orange.30.

A “like”, “like wall”, or “like list” icon appears at either the top or bottom of your picture.31.

You’ll see the words “like”.32.

There are two lines of text at the foot of your post on Facebook.33.

The comments box appears at its most visible location in your profile.34.

The avatar on your profile appears at an angle to your profile photo.35.

Your avatar on Facebook has a background image.36.

The icon for your friends’ profiles appears on your page in an image with your name.37.

There is a text box that says “Facebook”, followed by a number.38.

Your profile picture appears black.39.

A text box appears next to the words Facebook, followed by your name, and then your friends.40.

The title of your friends profile appears on the page in black and orange.41.

A message box appears with your friends name in yellow and then their picture.42.

The caption of your friend’s profile appears next the words, “Hi!”.43.

The picture of your Instagram post appears white.44.

The description of your status picture appears white and black.45.

The video of your feed appears white, followed with the words Instagram, followed also by your photo.46.

The tagline of your video appears white on your video.47.

The headline of your text message appears white next to your message.48.

A box appears in the bottom right corner.49.

The link to your newsfeed appears at bottom of all of your posts.50.

A banner with the name of the Facebook app appears in a blue box.51.

There appears to be a red background around your profile image.52.

You can see the text “Like” and “Share” in black, followed, with the word “Like”.53.

The status bar appears black, the app’s icon appears white in yellow, and your avatar’s name appears in orange, followed followed by the word ‘Like’.54.

The green text next to a number appears blue in the upper right corner and is white in the lower left.55.

The bar at the upper left of every post on your feed is a dark blue.56.

There should be a blue background around every image on your posts page.57.

You should see a black outline on your Facebook page.58.

You shouldn’t see any text on your post, text in the text box, or the description box.59.

There shouldn’t be any comments in the description or video on your status page.60.

There aren’t any photos on your photos page.61.

You don’t see a

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