Social isolation is bad for you

Social isolation isn’t a new concept, but it’s one that can be hard to grasp when it comes to health.

In fact, a lot of the studies that exist on the topic focus on people who live in isolation.

But that’s not the whole story, according to social psychologist John A. Mackey.

Mackey’s research on the subject suggests that social isolation isn’st just a bad thing for you.

“If you’re living in a house with no people, and no social interaction, you’re probably not as social,” Mackey told The Verge.

“You’re not interacting with people as much as you should.”

This can cause social anxiety, depression, and even suicide.

Mackeys research has found that social anxiety is significantly higher among people living in isolation than in their non-isolated counterparts.

“People who live isolated for too long have a high level of social anxiety,” he said.

“This is really a major problem for social isolation in general.”

According to Mackey, it’s actually possible to overcome social anxiety and social isolation by adopting more socially responsible behavior.

This includes making a commitment to yourself and your friends, and taking a more active role in your community.

But Mackey says that social withdrawal and isolation are not necessarily the same thing.

“In general, people who are socially isolated don’t have as much social connection as people who have regular contact with others,” he told The Guardian.

“And social isolation is not necessarily a good thing.

The person who lives in a really small house or living alone is much more likely to have social anxiety.”

Mackey argues that there are many ways to reduce social isolation.

He suggests looking for people who you would feel comfortable interacting with, who you can trust to look after you, and who will help you get along with your friends and family.

“When you’re a child, you tend to be a bit more isolationist than adults,” MacKey explained.

“Your friends and your parents are not there for you, so you tend not to socialize as much.”

You can be a very social person, but you’ll also tend to get in trouble for doing so.

So I think that’s one of the ways that social social isolation can be managed.

It’s a good idea to be more active in your social life.

“Read more about social isolation and the link between isolation and mental health, here.

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