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HEDOSOPA – Hedosophie is the term for a form of syphilis that is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 2 percent of the U.S. population is infected with the bacteria, which is known as Borreliosis.

HEDOSOPHIE is often confused with syphilis, and some people are even confused about the difference.

But if you ask them what is syphilis and how do you know it is syphilitic, they will tell you they are both the same thing, said Dr. Jonathan Kupfer, the chief medical officer at the University of Michigan Health System.

“They are both infections of the blood, but they are different infections,” he said.

Symptoms include a swollen lymph node, red, watery eyes, sore throat and fever.

The bacteria can cause serious problems in the brain and kidneys, but is rarely fatal.

So, if you see someone who is showing signs of HEDS, you should take them to the hospital.

But you should also take their blood pressure, cholesterol and other vital signs to the doctor.

If you see a patient with signs of syphilitis and you suspect it may be a case of Hedsophie, you can do a blood test to rule out Hedsophile.

Dr. Kupffer said it is very important to keep an eye on these symptoms and make sure the patient is in good physical condition, so they can get the best possible care.

You should also talk to them about their plans for their lives, and their work history, to make sure they are able to take care of themselves, he said, adding that most patients can be managed by their family.

What are the symptoms of Hedosophile?

Symptoms of HedySophia can include swollen lymph nodes, wateriness in the eyes, red or watery skin, a sore throat, and a fever that lasts from a few hours to several days.

Most of the time, the infection goes away after two to four weeks.

However, some people with Hedsophone have an increased risk of developing other symptoms, including: More frequent urination and feces that have a foul odor or odor that has gone up in volume, or a discharge of fluid that is not consistent with the person’s urine or feces.

Increased thirst and urination, including urinating while having a fever or vomiting up to four times a day.

Confusion about the symptoms and symptoms-specific tests, such as a blood alcohol test, may also be helpful in determining if the person is Hedsophobic.

It is important to check to make certain you have a history of infections, said Kupffer.

This is a disease that needs to be diagnosed and treated, so you should do your best to get it under control, he added.

More to come on this story as we continue to cover the story.

For more on syphilis in the U, follow our Syphilis Coverage.

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