GTA social club: A social app for GTA Online

The popular social gaming game has released a new app, the GTA Social Club, which gives players access to various social events and activities.

According to the app, it lets users “play, chat, shop, and much more,” but its main function is to make GTA Online easier to use.

The app’s launch comes amid a growing number of issues with the game’s multiplayer, which is in the midst of a “patch” that has players experiencing bugs.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, some users have reported issues with being unable to join multiplayer games, such as getting stuck on the server or having trouble logging into a game that has multiple users.

According the game developer, there’s a fix in place to resolve those issues, but for now, it is unclear if the fix will include a feature that lets players join more than one server at once.

GTA Online is also currently in an online beta, and a recent report from Eurogamer noted that a player has been experiencing issues with a number of multiplayer features in the game, including “lobby chat” and “join the lobby.”

[Image by: Ubisoft] As of now, the app’s developer has not responded to requests for comment.

GTA Social Clubs will be available on iOS and Android, but it seems like the app is only available in English.

In the past, it has been rumored that the GTA Online would include an in-game currency, and the app was also rumored to include a “gift” system.

This new app could help alleviate some of the problems players have experienced with GTA Online, which many are reporting as having been a problem.

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