I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a black person in America today

The following article contains content that may be triggering for some readers.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may want to seek help from a mental health professional:1.

Feeling very alone or alone- especially if you’ve felt like you’re alone and alone all of your life.2.

Feel very isolated or very alone-especially if you’re a black or Latino person who has experienced racism or discrimination in your life, especially if your experience has happened in the past.3.

Feeling like you have no friends or family to turn to or are isolated.4.

Being in a world that has changed so much since you were born that you’ve forgotten who you are or where you came from.5.

Not feeling safe or comfortable at all.6.

Feeling disconnected from other people.7.

Feeling unsafe or fearful of social interaction or others in general.8.

Not having enough money or friends to get by.9.

Feeling completely overwhelmed by the demands of life.10.

Feeling hopeless and hopeless about anything and everything.11.

Feeling trapped in a mental illness or addiction.12.

Feeling extremely lonely or disconnected.13.

Being very anxious or depressed.14.

Feeling overwhelmed and helpless.15.

Feeling guilty or even suicidal about your own feelings and actions.16.

Not being able to make friends or have friends who are open to you.17.

Not getting out of bed, eating, or sleeping.18.

Feeling lost or unfulfilled.19.

Feeling angry or controlling, and not being able or willing to listen to anyone.20.

Not knowing how to express anger or frustration.21.

Feeling scared or confused, especially when someone you love says something you don’t like.22.

Being afraid of being hurt or attacked.23.

Not trusting anyone.24.

Feeling afraid of what others think or think of you.25.

Being embarrassed, or not comfortable with how others dress or act.26.

Being ashamed of what you’re wearing.27.

Not finding or wanting to find someone who shares your values or beliefs.28.

Feeling as if everyone around you is hostile, judgmental, or controlling.29.

Feeling insecure about who you’re with or what you like or dislike.30.

Feeling not in control or feeling like someone will make you feel bad or make you less of a person.31.

Feeling worthless, or unlovable, or that no one can love you.32.

Feeling helpless or angry about your feelings, beliefs, or actions.33.

Being overly sensitive, or being sensitive to others.34.

Not understanding what others are saying or feeling.35.

Not seeing or not being heard.36.

Feeling isolated and not connected to the world around you.37.

Feeling unloved or unloved-not loved in a loving way.38.

Not able to trust anyone, not being accepted or appreciated, and feeling lost or unloving.39.

Not connecting with other people and not feeling at home in the world.40.

Not believing in yourself.41.

Not caring enough about what you do for a living.42.

Not taking care of yourself.43.

Not giving yourself permission to be who you want to be.44.

Not accepting yourself for who you really are.45.

Not treating others the way you want.46.

Not respecting yourself or others’ boundaries.47.

Not sharing or sharing your feelings.48.

Not putting yourself out there for others to experience.49.

Not trying to change who you know or what’s right for you.50.

Not seeking out or accepting support from others.51.

Being too scared to talk about anything that makes you feel vulnerable.52.

Feeling too isolated to trust others.53.

Not acknowledging or even accepting the feelings of others.54.

Not listening to your own voice or the voices of others around you, including people you care about.55.

Not making a positive difference in the lives of others without trying.56.

Being stuck in a pattern of feeling angry or hurt.57.

Feeling alone or trapped.58.

Feeling unfulfilling or unhappy.59.

Feeling bad or angry at yourself or someone else for not feeling like you belong.60.

Not recognizing the difference between yourself and the other person.61.

Being confused about who they are or what they should be.62.

Not showing compassion for yourself or the other individual.63.

Not acting in ways that make you happy.64.

Not letting yourself go or giving up on what you want or need.65.

Feeling rejected or unloveable or alone.66.

Feeling disrespected, judged, or treated badly.67.

Not realizing how much work it takes to be happy or strong.68.

Feeling that they need someone to help them or that they can’t control the other’s actions.69.

Feeling hurt or alone or angry.70. Feeling

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