Why the government won’t pay a $2,500 bribe to a social worker in the face of a government corruption scandal

The government has a lot to answer for in a corruption scandal that has left dozens of officials and employees with a lot of questions, but the government doesn’t appear to be willing to pay a bribe to resolve it, a senior official in charge of investigating the matter told Axios.

“The question is, is there a way to solve the issue?” the official said, declining to be named because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

“There are different ways to address the issue, but we are not willing to make any concessions,” he said.

The official declined to name the official because he did not have the authority to do so.

“It’s not clear that this is a criminal case.

There’s no indication that there is any criminal intent, and the person was not acting as a government employee,” the official told Axio.

In a statement to Axios, the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said it is investigating allegations of fraud by two government social workers in the case of the payment to the social worker by the public works agency.

“These allegations are being investigated by the Justice Ministry’s Criminal Investigation Agency,” a ministry official told The Associated Press.

“We have not received any information that this case has been closed.

The investigation is ongoing.”

The public works department is responsible for public works projects in Japan, including construction of roads, railways, water and sewage systems, and public education.

Officials at the ministry said the payment of the bribe to the Social Security Agency was the result of a mistake.

The social worker who received the bribe was not involved in the project, according to the ministry.

The Social Security Administration of Japan (SAJ), the agency in charge, said in a statement it has completed its investigation and the case is being closed.

“As a result of the investigation, we have made changes to the project and have determined the relevant documents are no longer needed,” the agency said.

“SAJ will make the necessary adjustments as needed to meet the requirements of the project.”

The agency said the issue of whether to pay the bribe is being reviewed.

“Based on the information we received, we decided to take the necessary steps to ensure the welfare of our employees, and we are in the process of working on the necessary procedures to solve this matter,” it said in the statement.

It said the social services agency had not received a report from the social workers about the case.

The Saj has been in the news recently after a police officer was charged with embezzlement after the agency paid him nearly $2 million.

In the case, a police investigator who was tasked with investigating corruption by the agency allegedly received the money from a trust that was established in an offshore company, which is illegal under Japanese law.

The trust, which was based in the British Virgin Islands, allegedly received money from the trust through an offshore account in Panama, and then transferred it to the trust’s bank account, which did not exist, the police investigator’s trial said.

After receiving the money, the officer was allegedly asked to provide his financial records and other records, and he was later charged with defrauding the trust.

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