What’s behind the rise of the internet, Twitter and Facebook?

The rise of social media, which allows millions to communicate in a way not possible before, has led to a new type of social conflict, says social theorist and internet theorist John Coleman.

He says this type of conflict is a consequence of an increased focus on information and information dissemination. 

Social media can also be a catalyst for other forms of conflict. 

For instance, Coleman says, if we look at the impact of the rise in the use of social networks on the media landscape, it becomes apparent that the internet has brought us into a situation where the media is now controlled by the corporate world. 

Coleman is also a co-author of a paper on the rise and fall of the Internet of Things (IoT) that was published by the International Energy Agency and US National Science Foundation (NSF).

It explores the role that the IoT is playing in the global energy landscape.

Coleman argues that while the internet and social media have helped to bring about changes in the way people communicate, they are also playing a role in further destabilising and destabilising the political system. 

According to Coleman, the rise to power of the Trump administration and the rise towards authoritarianism of Donald Trump in the US have brought about the rise, and further intensification, of this type of social conflict.

He argues that this has been exacerbated by the media, in particular, which has been able to manipulate people’s perception of what is happening in the world.

“In many ways it is the social media which is the catalyst for this kind of social unrest,” he said. 

He argues that the rise is a result of the emergence of new technology, including the internet which allows us to communicate with each other.

“We are no longer simply connecting, we are now talking to each other, and that is why the social unrest is so real.” 

As well as creating a new social space for dissent, Coleman argues the rise has also led to an increased reliance on technology for communication, and the resulting increase in surveillance and control of information. 

“I have argued that the use, proliferation and manipulation of technology in this manner has enabled the emergence and amplification of the new social media technologies,” Coleman said.

Social unrest is often a result, in part, of the increased reliance of governments on surveillance and the media to manage public perception. “

The media and technology have allowed us to create new forms of social friction, and this is the real source of social tension.” 

Social unrest is often a result, in part, of the increased reliance of governments on surveillance and the media to manage public perception. 

What can we do to combat this?

Coleman argues social media is not the only tool in the toolbox, and is not a panacea.

“One of the most important things to be aware of when using social media and the internet is to be careful not to become a tool of the state,” Coleman explained.

“Social media and internet platforms are not only platforms for information exchange but also can become tools for communication and control.” 

“The use of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can also create opportunities for a new form of social power,” he continued.

“If a social media platform is being used to support a political agenda, then that may have implications for people’s rights, and it is therefore important that governments do not abuse this power.”

 Colemen believes that it is important to understand that the emergence, amplification and spread of social conflicts will only increase as the internet becomes a more important tool for communication. 

To address this, Coleman believes we need to look at how we can best balance these competing platforms.

“It is important that we take a holistic view of the use and power of social platforms and internet tools, and how they are used in the context of the broader socio-political and economic landscape,” Coleman concluded. 

In this case, Coleman said that in order to help people understand the wider implications of the technology, the internet should be used in a manner that does not encourage, encourage or encourage people to use or abuse social media.

“The internet is an excellent medium for communication,” Coleman added.

“But the internet can also become an instrument of control and manipulation, and we need all parties involved in the development and use of the social and media platforms to exercise caution and care.”

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