‘Not a great day for Britain’: Brexit talks with EU over social media

In a rare public appearance on the eve of the talks, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned his counterparts from the European Union not to be “silly” about the issue of social media. 

The UK is facing an unprecedented surge in online abuse after it voted to leave the European Economic Area (EEA), a trading bloc with an ambitious goal of curbing its influence on its citizens. 

Mr Johnson said the “cyber-warfare” was a “new challenge” for the UK, which will have to find new ways to deal with a range of issues including immigration and security, including with the European Commission.

Mr Johnson also said he was not happy with the way that the UK government has been using the EEA to “bully” its way into the single market, with the government’s Brexit bill effectively requiring the UK to negotiate an exit from the EU’s single market in return for being allowed to use the single passport system.

The Brexit bill is currently before parliament, and is likely to be a major factor in how the UK negotiates a future relationship with the EU. 

“You will find it strange that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is making such a bold statement that it will affect so many other European countries,” Mr Johnson said.

“You have to be very careful in making a statement like that.

We are the EU, we have an obligation to have the relationship with Europe as a member of the EU as well as of the EEC, so we must be cautious.”

The UK government is now hoping to avoid a “hard Brexit”, the Brexit that is already threatening to lead to a hard border with the continent. 

But while Mr Johnson may not be so cautious, it will be up to other member states to decide how they will tackle the issue. 

A separate source in Brussels, who requested anonymity to speak frankly about the talks with the bloc, said there would be no guarantees the UK would be able to continue using the passport system after it leaves the bloc.

 “We have a big question mark with regard to the future relationship,” he said.

“There is no guarantee that the British Government would be in a position to continue to use this passport system once they leave.”

 He said the EU is looking for ways to “balance the scale of its threat” against the UK’s ability to continue with the single border.

He said a number of countries are looking to the ELA to resolve some of the issues that have led to “the emergence of so much online abuse”.

“If we leave the EFA, we are going to need to find a new solution to the social media abuse problem,” he told the BBC.

“So if the EBA [the European Union’s executive arm] decides that it would be beneficial to negotiate a deal, then we would look at how that might be implemented.”

The source said he believed the UK could face problems in the future if it did not want to use a single passport, as some countries are also using a system called a “triple entry” system, which allows people from a third country to enter the UK without needing to show a visa.

In the past, the UK has taken a “double entry” approach to its citizens from Europe.

According to the government, this allows it to keep control of its own borders and has allowed it to be more flexible in how it deals with people from outside the EU seeking to enter Britain.

However, a new report from the MigrationWatch think tank said there was a growing risk of “mass immigration” and people from countries with a “negative immigration profile” entering the UK. 

It said the British government’s position on social media was “incompatible with the current global environment”.

 The MigrationWatch report said there is a danger that the EU may impose restrictions on the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a result of Brexit.

It warned that social media platforms could become a “gateway” for people to engage in terrorism. 

Some of the proposals the Migrationwatch says will be put to the European Parliament include requiring social media companies to track all their users and to report any suspicious activity.

Last week, the EU also announced plans to make the passport issue a central issue of the Brexit negotiations.

On Friday, a group of EU countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary, met to discuss how to address the issue during the talks.

There is currently no deadline for the talks to end, but they are expected to end next month, and a formal exit agreement could be announced next week.

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