Palestinians: Netanyahu wants a new peace agreement with Palestinians

Palestinian officials and members of the Palestinian leadership have demanded a new agreement with the Israeli prime minister after the United Nations said on Thursday it was reviewing the Palestinian bid to establish a Palestinian state on the land it captured in 1967.

Speaking in New York on Thursday, UN special envoy to the Middle East and North Africa Michael Oren said the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was seeking a new political and economic framework to enable it to hold a national election to elect its own leader.

“We are concerned that a Palestinian unity government, with a Palestinian president, is not a viable option,” Oren told reporters.

“The PA needs to work towards a peace agreement to enable a national and peaceful Palestinian state, with the right to self-determination.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called for a Palestinian State in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, including East Jerusalem as its capital.

However, Israel regards the city as its “eternal capital”.

Palestinian sources told Al Jazeera on Thursday that Israel was prepared to allow a new Palestinian government in the city if it agreed to Palestinian demands, such as ending the Israeli occupation of the occupied West Bank and a withdrawal from Israeli settlements in the occupied East Jerusalem.

“If we want a new government, we have to accept it,” said one Palestinian official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“But if the new government does not recognise Israel, it will not allow us to hold elections,” the official said.

Oren said he was also preparing a draft resolution to the Security Council that would call for an end to Israeli settlement building in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, which Israel has occupied since 1967.

The UN, Oren added, is also considering a draft that calls for an immediate halt to settlement construction and for Palestinian citizens of Israel living in occupied territories to return to their homes.

“In this regard, the United States is actively working with other countries to make sure the United Kingdom and France do not veto this resolution,” he said.

Israel and the Palestinians have been negotiating a two-state solution since 1967, when the Palestinians won the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo.

Ori Cohen, a senior fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, told Al Arabiya English that the UN resolution was a “serious and serious effort” but would not be enough.

“Israel and Palestine have to have a political process, which involves both sides in it,” Cohen said.

“There is no other way to get a political solution.”

The Palestinian bid, which was launched in September by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, was formally rejected by the UN in November 2015, despite international pressure.

The Palestinians have since said they would wait for a new election to choose a new leader.

Opinion polls suggest that the vote is not likely to yield a resounding victory for the Palestinians, who have seen their support for Abbas plunge since his first election victory in 2014.

Ahead of Thursday’s meeting, the PA said that the PA was still “furious” over the UN decision.

“Today the UN Security Council voted to recognise the Palestine national unity government,” a PA official said, referring to the Palestinian Authority.

“Its aim is to establish an Israeli occupation that is a violation of the international law and will be a stain on the Palestinian people’s future.”

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