Parler: Facebook is an enemy of the Indian nation

Parler is the latest social media platform to go viral for being an enemy to the Indian people.

The social media company recently announced it was creating a new brand, Parler Social Media, in order to take on social media giants like Twitter and Instagram.

Parler Social media is set to launch on January 6.

Parler will offer a suite of services, including a new news app, the first of its kind in India, that is expected to attract a large audience.

According to reports, the brand will be built on Parler’s proven success in providing news and content on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Parlers chief executive Anupam Shrivastava told The Hindu that the company has built an audience for the new brand.

Parlers first product, Parley, was created to connect the Indian consumer with real-time, reliable news, and the news app will bring new audiences to the platform, Shrivaste said.

Parley is set up as a platform for the Indian consumers to share news and videos, he said.

It will also provide new avenues for advertisers to reach Indian audiences.

The news app is expected be launched in India on January 1.

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