Why are the people in India so angry about corruption?

India’s government has been criticised for failing to tackle corruption in the country, but the country’s most powerful leader, the President, has refused to say how he will tackle the issue.

What we know about Mr Modi: He is a charismatic figure who has built a popularity rating of 100 per cent in his five-year term and has an approval rating of 92 per cent.

His opponents say he is too focused on the economic recovery and is not tackling corruption.

The main opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, says he is the most corrupt Indian leader ever to hold power.

What is the corruption problem?

The government has repeatedly blamed corruption in India on the “anti-national” forces, a reference to the countrys main rival Bharatiyas Nationalist Party (BNP).

“Anti-nationals are trying to use the Congress Party to control the Indian economy, to take away the Indian people’s right to earn a living,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in May last year.

The government says the anti-national groups are using anti-corruption measures to destabilise the economy.

India’s top court has repeatedly ruled against the government, which is currently in power.

How has Mr Modi dealt with the problem?

Mr Modi has used a number of anti-coup measures to try to root out the anti ofnationalists.

He has appointed a number the heads of his own anti-counterfeiting police unit and has launched a national campaign against corruption.

He also sacked several officials who had worked for the opposition Bharatiyah Janata party (BJP) as well as its main rival, the Congress party.

Mr Modi says the measures have been a success.

He says the fight against corruption is a battle between democracy and the interests of the people, and the antinational forces must be defeated.

What do people think about corruption in Indian politics?

In the past few years, Mr Modi’s popularity has plummeted, with many Indians blaming the government for not addressing the corruption problems in the first place.

“It’s a major problem.

They are corrupting the system,” said Tashi Tandon, a 32-year-old lawyer who lives in an upscale neighbourhood of New Delhi.

“I have seen my brother-in-law get a speeding ticket.

How can they do something like that?

We have a system where if you don’t pay, you get hit with a speeding fine, and if you pay, the fine gets cancelled.”

Ms Tandon also blames the government’s crackdown on anti-money-laundering rules and a crackdown on tax evasion.

“They are trying their best to stop the money coming in,” she said.

“But if you are not paying taxes, then you get the fine.”

The Prime Minister has also taken to Twitter to make clear that he is not the first Indian leader to face corruption charges, although he is arguably the most famous.

“The country needs strong leaders like you,” he wrote on May 19, 2017.

“Be a leader who knows how to fight corruption.”

What has been the impact of corruption on India?

In December 2017, India’s Supreme Court ordered a national inquiry into the anti money-laying activities of Mr Modi and other senior politicians.

The court also asked for the release of two prominent Indian politicians, Bharatiyanath Singh and his son, Rajiv Gandhi, who are wanted by the US for corruption.

Indian authorities have also said they will continue to crack down on money laundering, but have said they are not planning to target high-profile figures like Mr Modi.

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