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Posted November 25, 2018 09:03:33Next Big Future, a production company that produces and produces music videos, announced that it is working with a large producer to produce a music video for the track “Loving You.”

Next Big is a music production company, with its founders Jason Leong and Matt Pugh, that has been producing music videos since 2013.

The video for “Loved You” is a parody of the song “Happy Birthday” by Beyoncé, which is about a man who has lost his love after the birth of his child.

In the video, the producer, who is seen wearing a mask, sings, “Happy birthday, baby, we love you.”

The song “Love You” was written by Justin Timberlake.

The producer, Matt Pough, wrote the song.

The music video will be shot in Los Angeles and is being produced by the producers of “The Big Bang Theory” and “Basketball Wives,” respectively.

Next Big has been working with producer Jason Leon for a number of years.

The music video was created by Jason Leontin.

The song is being released in a digital format, which means that the video can be viewed on mobile devices as well.

Next Big has already been collaborating with several other artists, including Future, Lil Yachty, J. Cole, and more.

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