What do Democrats, Republicans, and Bernie Sanders all have in common?

As he prepares for his first debate, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is calling on supporters to help the party make gains in key states on Election Day.

He’s doing it on a national level, with calls on people to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, but Sanders is also calling on his fellow Democrats to help elect Republicans who would put their party over the top.

In a wide-ranging interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” Sanders also talked about the upcoming debate, which is being held Tuesday night in Detroit.

Sanders said he and his fellow Democratic candidates are going to have a big opportunity to win the election.

Sanders said he believes that we will be able to win in the general election, but we’re not there yet.

Sanders noted that his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, is doing well in the polls, and he’s hoping that the party can make a real difference in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Sanders, who was endorsed by President Barack Obama in the 2016 Democratic primary, has said that the Democrats need to win a lot of swing states.

The party needs to get rid of Donald Trump, Sanders said.

“The Democrats need a huge swing in 2020,” Sanders said of 2020.

“They need to go into states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan where they’re losing, and win them by double digits.”

He said it’s important for Democrats to focus on the general.

“We have to go after swing states, we have to try to win them,” Sanders told CBS.

“If we go in there and talk about the issues that people care about, we are going a long way to winning the election.”

Sanders said his campaign is focused on the 2020 election.

“What we are focusing on right now is winning a large number of states in 2020, and we’re going to do that,” Sanders explained.

Sanders also discussed the Democratic National Committee, a party that has not done well in recent years.

“They’ve got to get better,” Sanders admitted.

“The DNC, for all its faults, has to do a better job in 2020.”

Sanders also addressed the issue of immigration.

“I think we need to make a lot more of an effort to bring people into the country legally,” Sanders remarked.

“We should be doing a lot to make sure that people have a pathway to citizenship.”

There is a huge amount of people out there who have never come to the country before,” Sanders added.”

But I think we have a responsibility to make certain that we are welcoming the people who are coming to the United States legally,” he said.

The Democratic National Convention kicks off Tuesday night at the Wells Fargo Center in Minneapolis.

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