Trump to propose slashing Medicare and Social Security: Trump’s budget plan

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is expected to release his proposed 2018 budget on Thursday, the first time since 2013 that he has outlined his plan for cutting Medicare and the Social Security program.

Trump has also suggested slashing both programs as part of his tax-cut package, though his details have yet to be finalized.

Trump’s proposal is the first detailed outline of his proposed budget plan that has been publicly available since the Republican National Convention last summer.

Trump said at the convention that his budget would cut the national debt by $1.5 trillion over a decade, as well as Social Security by $819 billion over the same period.

Social Security, he said, will grow by more than $10 trillion.

But a White House official said Wednesday that the administration is still working out the details.

The plan is expected be introduced on Thursday.

Trump previously proposed slashing Medicare by $9.8 trillion, including $1 trillion in savings for seniors.

Trump told a crowd of supporters in Cleveland last week that his proposed cuts would benefit people with “real assets,” but the cuts were to be announced later in the day.

Trump also has been promising to make Social Security cuts that would save the government $2.8 million per person annually.

The cuts would come primarily from the cost of the government’s Social Security Trust Fund, which is currently at $3.2 trillion.

The White House has been touting its $3 trillion savings plan as the centerpiece of the Trump campaign, though the plan was first reported by the Washington Post.

Trump promised in August to save the program by slashing $5 trillion in spending over a 10-year period, but the details of his budget proposal have not been released publicly.

He has repeatedly suggested he is not looking to cut Social Security or Medicare, saying in October he would be willing to cut the programs if it was a better deal for taxpayers.

The budget would also cut the number of Medicare beneficiaries by 4.7 million from the current 65 million.

Trump would also increase the cost to taxpayers of the Medicare Trust Fund by $2,000 per person over the next decade, to offset the additional savings the plan would provide.

The $2 trillion savings would come from the Social and Medicare Trust Funds, which are jointly administered by the federal government and state and local governments.

Trump is also expected to propose cutting $1,800 per Medicare beneficiary under Medicare Advantage plans.

The Affordable Care Act requires the federal Government to offset costs incurred by individuals in their 60s and over who receive Medicare Advantage.

The Republican Party platform states that Trump wants to expand Medicare Advantage to people in their 70s and older.

The GOP platform also includes language saying the party is “not opposed to expanding Medicare Advantage, as long as it is for people who are 55 years of age or older.”

Trump has said that Medicare Advantage has been a success, with Medicare spending increasing by $4 trillion since 2008, which Trump has cited as a reason for wanting to cut it.

Trump says he wants to “make sure that Medicare is a success for everyone.”

The Trump campaign has also been working on plans to eliminate Medicare’s current cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers, which the GOP platform calls “a major entitlement program.”

The Republican Platform also calls for a major tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, who will pay an average rate of 14.8 percent of income above $1 million.

The Trump budget proposal is expected in a document expected to be released shortly.

The release of Trump’s plan will come a day after the Republican Party Platform Committee released its first draft of the party’s fiscal 2018 platform.

The platform will be released to the public on Tuesday, the day after Thanksgiving, when the party will hold its annual retreat.

The committee will meet Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon to finalize the document, which will be formally adopted by the party convention.

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