Twitter finally announces $1.1 billion acquisition of Twitter, and it’s about to be sold

Twitter announced Monday that it’s acquired the social media company Twitter for $1 billion.

The news comes just one day after Twitter announced that it was buying competitor Instagram for $3.5 billion.

In a press release, Twitter said the deal would bring its total revenue to $5.6 billion.

Twitter’s stock price has jumped 20 percent since the deal was announced last week, but it’s not clear how much of the new money will go to the company’s existing shareholders.

The deal also means that Twitter is officially a publicly traded company.

This means that investors who had long worried about Twitter’s ability to pay its $1-billion acquisition price will now be able to get a piece of the company, too.

The company has already started paying its $6.8 billion buyout cash.

Now that the deal is done, Twitter will need to sell off its existing stock and give up some of its stock options to pay off the deal.

The new money won’t be coming directly from investors, however.

Instead, Twitter is going to pay a share price that’s not guaranteed to grow over the next few years.

That means that the stock will have to fall over time.

Twitter has been losing money since it was acquired.

Last year, Twitter reported revenue of $1,095 million and profit of $913 million.

That was down from the $2.2 billion revenue it reported in 2015.

This is a big change from its first $10 billion purchase of Tumblr in 2014.

At the time, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey told investors that Twitter’s growth was fueled by the fact that its users were using its platform more than ever before.

But the company has had to scale back its services since then, and that’s had a negative impact on its bottom line.

It also lost $1 million in the third quarter of this year alone.

Twitter recently began rolling out a new version of its product, a “new version of Twitter,” that it hopes will bring new features to its service and boost engagement and engagement growth.

Dorsey recently said that he expects the new version to have a better user experience and will help Twitter reach more people in a way that it hasn’t done before.

In the past, Twitter has tried to get rid of the more expensive feature called “tweets for free.”

That was eventually removed from Twitter’s site.

Twitter is now rolling out its own subscription service called “Twitter Premium.”

Those new features will allow Twitter to increase the amount of money it pays out to users who use its service.

But that’s still not going to make up for the revenue loss that Twitter has suffered in recent years.

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