How to avoid getting sued for your social media activity

Share The social media platform Pinewood Sociales will now help users filter out the false information they receive from the government, by using its platform.

The US-based company, which launched its platform in December, has rolled out a new tool to help users determine whether their social media content is in the public domain.

The tool will help users know if their posts are public or not, and can help users identify where false information is spread, according to Pinewudes website.

The company said the tool will let users know whether their content is “not in the spirit of social justice” and “may be misleading to some.”

“This is a service that helps people determine if the information they’re receiving on social media is authentic,” the company said.

“While we may use this tool in the interest of truth and accuracy, we believe it should only be used as a last resort, when there is a genuine concern that a false claim has been made,” the statement said.

The new tool allows users to identify whether their posts contain false information.

For example, users can choose to see whether their messages have been tagged with “false” or “not”.

In the case of false claims, Pinewodes said the false posts would appear in the “not” column.

“If you see a false message in the Not category, the company will automatically flag the message as a false and will inform you of the false claim,” it said.

It added that the tool was designed to be “a neutral, reliable source of information” for the public.

The Pineweed Social team said in a statement that it “never intended for the information to be false, misleading, or fraudulent, nor did we ever intend for any of our users to have any personal information or information that they would use to make a false or misleading claim.”

The company added that it did not use the Pineworn Sociales platform to spread misinformation or malicious content.

“We do not promote or encourage the sharing of any content that is false or fraudulent,” it added.

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