Social class definition

Social classes are social groups in which a person belongs and has a certain number of rights, privileges and obligations that relate to their class.

The definitions for the social classes in the United States are very specific.

Here are some things to know about social classes.


The most common social classes are the top one percent, which includes all the richest Americans, as well as those with the highest incomes.

In 2016, the bottom half of Americans, those with annual incomes of $25,000 or less, constituted 25 percent of all households.


The top 1 percent, meanwhile, includes people earning more than $200,000, those in the top 20 percent of the income distribution, and those in families earning over $200 of a person’s annual income.


The bottom half, or below, are people earning between $10,000 and $25 and those making between $40,000 to $80,000.


The middle one-third, or 25 percent, are those earning less than $25.


The last one-fourth, or 75 percent, have incomes between $20,000-$75,000 annually.


The average income for all social classes is about $55,000 a year, and the bottom 30 percent of households have incomes below that.


For people in poverty, the median income for a family is less than the median for a single adult in the U.S. The U.K. is the only country in which there is no poverty line for all income levels.

For more, check out this infographic.


About two-thirds of people living in poverty live in the lowest quintile of the U, the middle quintile, where the poverty line is $12,971.


People living in the most extreme poverty live on average $60,000 in the lower quintile and $120,000 on the upper.


A family of four earning $20.80 a year would have a median income of about $2,000 less than a family of three earning $52,000 but with a median household income of $63,000 ($30,000 higher).


About half of people in the poorest quintile earn less than half of their counterparts in the middle and upper quintiles.


About four-in-ten Americans with income below $50,000 live in poverty.


Poverty is more common among women than men.

About 70 percent of women with annual household incomes of less than three times the federal poverty level live in households with at least one person living in Poverty.

About three-in the top 10 percent of American women, about 70 percent live in that group.


About 50 percent of Americans under age 65 live in Poverty, but only about 12 percent of adults over age 65.


About 12 percent are living in households in Poverty who were previously in poverty and at least two other adults have income below the poverty level.


Nearly six-in a million Americans, or 1 in 5, are living below the federal Poverty line.


The poverty rate is higher for people who are younger than 65 than it is for older Americans.


People who are in Poverty have lower incomes, less education, lower levels of income and less health care.


About 4 in 10 households have at least some of their members living in one of the three categories above.


Poverty affects every American, but especially for people of color.


Nearly one-in five children living in low-income households is in poverty as adults.


Poverty has a significant impact on the lives of African-American and Latino families, especially in cities like New York and Los Angeles.


The share of people who live in poor households is significantly higher among Latinos than it’s for whites.


Almost one-quarter of all children in poor families are living with their mother.


About one-fifth of adults in low or moderate poverty live with a partner.


Nearly a quarter of all people in low income households are married.


Poverty harms the health of the people most affected by it, and for a significant number, that includes people with disabilities.


Poverty hurts people in general, and its consequences are especially severe for those with physical or mental disabilities.

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