A Social Networking Service Is the Next Facebook

LinkedIn is expanding its social networking offerings with the introduction of a new service, which the company claims can “become a more inclusive and accessible platform for the workplace.”

The LinkedIn app will allow employees to connect with friends and family via the platform’s new “Connect” feature, which lets users easily create a personal profile and “locate and connect with other LinkedIn members.”

The new app will be available for Android and iOS in the next few weeks.

According to LinkedIn, the app will work by letting users create an account for themselves and then sharing their profile with a network of friends.

Connect allows users to share their profile and connections with other members of the LinkedIn community.

LinkedIn claims the new app has been designed to be “social and inclusive,” with features such as sharing photos, sharing videos, and adding and editing profiles.

According To The Verge, LinkedIn’s new app allows employees to create an individual profile and then share their LinkedIn profile with the entire LinkedIn community in one go.

Users can then connect with people they know, including those in their own company, and find and connect to those in other companies.

According to LinkedIn’s blog post, the new LinkedIn app is “designed to be an easy way for users to connect to other LinkedIn users around the world.”

As part of the introduction, LinkedIn is offering a free “LinkedIn Plus” for employees, which offers users the ability to create a LinkedIn profile and create friends.

The new “Plus” option is available to employees with “at least $20,000 in annual pay, or a combined salary of $50,000,” according to LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn Plus service will be launched in the coming months.

The LinkedIn Plus app, which was launched in August, will include features like “lots of cool features,” such as a search engine for “friends, family, and other LinkedIn friends,” and “more features coming soon.”

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