Legal challenges against the Social Security program move forward

LOS ANGELES — Social Security attorneys are challenging President Donald Trump’s plan to privatize the program, saying the plan violates the Constitution’s guarantee of social security.

In a ruling issued Wednesday, the Social Services Law Center, an advocacy group that represents thousands of retirees, argued that the president’s proposed plan would allow the private sector to profit from the benefits of Social Security.

“The plan is an unworkable plan that would leave seniors in financial danger,” said Chris Soto, senior counsel at the law center.

“If Congress were to enact the plan, we would be left with a bankrupt system with a shrinking benefit base.”

The ruling comes as the Trump administration is preparing to finalize a deal with Congress that would raise the payroll tax rate and cap benefits.

The proposal is expected to be voted on in the Senate and House by early December.

The Social Security payroll tax increase and the cap on benefits would both expire at the end of the year.

The president has said he would like to save the program as much as possible by cutting benefits for retirees.

But, he said, he will take a “fair share” of the benefits for himself.

The plan also would eliminate the cap in the amount of money an employee can contribute to the program each year.

Soto and the other plaintiffs argue that the Social Service tax increase, which the president proposed in the November 2018 budget, would violate the constitutional guarantee of Social Service benefits.

The plaintiffs argue the president has been trying to cut Social Security benefits for the past seven years.

They say the Trump plan would result in an increase in taxes on those who would be most affected by the cuts, the middle class, and workers with lower incomes.

The Trump administration and Social Security officials have said they believe the plan would save $300 billion over 10 years.

In addition to the payroll increase, the president also wants to cut taxes for wealthier retirees, cut back on benefits for working families, and reduce benefits for retired workers and their families.

The Social Security trustees are scheduled to meet in Los Angeles on Friday to consider the lawsuit.

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